Leah Jahns, Highland Bagpiper

Leah Jahns is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher, and mother of two. Previous creative endeavors include theater, photography, multiple languages, and several other musical instruments including piano, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and choir. However, nothing seemed to be the right fit…

Leah’s interest in playing the Great Highland Bagpipe began in early 2012. Her mother had just discovered their Scottish ancestry and suggested “someone” learn to play the pipes. Taking the bait, Leah promptly got in contact with Matt Willis. Leah quickly took to the pipes and timing seemed serendipitous.

Just as talk of forming a Metroplex United Pipe Band came around, Leah was ready to acquire her first set of bagpipes. Within 10 months of beginning her Great Highland Bagpipe journey Leah joined MUPB as a founding member and novice piper. She now, in addition to performing and competing with MUPB, serves as the both director and secretary on the band’s Board of Directors.

Leah began performing professionally as a solo bagpiper in 2014, playing events such as sporting events, weddings, and memorials. In 2015 Leah officially started her own business, Ancestral Arts, a single site where she offers bagpiping, yoga, and massage services. In the future, she hopes to expand her repertoire with belly dance and doula services.

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Telephone: 214-354-8269